7 Factors To Consider When Buying 5G Mobile Phones Under 30000


Are you looking to buy a new 5G smartphone under 30000 but swamped with too many choices? Buying a phone is a big decision since we spend half of our day on our phones. From online shopping to Internet banking to staying connected over calls and emails, we use our phones for practically everything. And with the 5G technology live in India, there will be no limit to what we can achieve on our phones.

Today the market is flooded with many choices of 5G mobiles, from ultra-budget phones to premium flagship devices. One of the critical price segments within this is the under 30000 price segment, which offers the perfect confluence of performance and affordability. Nowadays, you can find the best phones under 30000, which sport flagship processors, hyper charging technology, sophisticated camera configurations,  massive RAM, and superior 5G connectivity.

When you start skimming through the most trending 5G phones, you will see a common thread of features and specifications which go into making the best-performing phones. The article below will help spotlight the 7 factors you should look for before buying a 5G mobile.

  • 5G band support

One of the essential things you should look for in a new 5G phone is the number of 5G bands the phone can support. The thumb rule is to go with the one that offers 11 5G bands or more. The other aspect to keep in mind while purchasing is to opt for a newly launched smartphone since it will provide more 5G speed and band coverage. The Moto G71 5G is currently one of India’s most preferred and best 5G mobiles under 30000 since it supports 13 5G bands.

  • Energy-efficient 5G processor

Several new mobile phones under 30000 are designed to support 5G however may possess processors that cannot keep up with the connectivity requirements. The latest Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm integrate 5G connectivity into the application processor to give you enhanced speed and 5G performance.

For instance, the Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G is one of the best 5G phones under 30000. It features a Snapdragon 778 5G octa-core processor, which clocks up to 2.5GHz speed and is known to be much more energy-efficient with a 6nm process.

  • Ample RAM

5G opens up new windows of opportunities for users. This will imply that users can access connected systems and platforms more seamlessly. While the processor will be critical to the speed, one can’t ignore the RAM, which complements the processor to drive blazing app loading, intense gaming, and multitasking. Going for a 5G mobile with larger RAM is imperative to enjoy the super fast 5G connectivity.

In this regard, the Vivo V25 could be your best decision under 30000 since it offers 12GB RAM that can keep pace with this lightning technology and give you unlimited freedom to indulge in heavy gaming and multitasking.

  • Powerful battery

5G offers a massive improvement in internet speed and network capacity. With this faster speed, users will naturally download more data which is bound to increase battery consumption. So, opting for a 5G phone with a bigger battery capacity and superior charging capabilities is mandatory.

That’s why purchasing a phone like the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G under 30000  could be one of the best decisions. The phone has a 4500mAh battery with 80W Super VOOC fast charging support. This enables the phone to get a full day’s power in a mere 15 minutes, allowing you to unleash the true power and potential of 5G without any battery constraints.

  • Operating system and updates

The OS is the backbone of the phone and will decide the performance and user experience. Most brands regularly send out OS updates to ensure phones have the latest software and can deliver optimal performance. Once the 5G network is fully functional in India,  these phones will push updates to ensure improved 5G reception.

To get quick access to 5G networks and ensure you’re making the most of the 5G capabilities of your phone, you should look at 5G mobiles from brands with a good track record of timely OS updates. The Samsung M53 could be of the best phones under 30000 since Samsung is famous for ensuring timely updates and upgrades in OS, which may go on up to 4 years from purchase.

  • All-round performance

Before diving into your purchase, always take a holistic view of the features and specifications you desire most on your 5G mobile. For instance, if you are a photography buff, having a capable camera configuration would be at the top of your priority list.

Hence 5G should not be the only criterion, and users should look for features that matter most in the long run. The Realme 9 pro plus is one of the best phones under 30000, which offers a combination of features for all-around performance.

  • Futuristic 5G phone

While there are multiple 5G phones in the ultra-budget segment, you should not dilute your expectations for the shortage of funds. Always look for progressive features like smooth displays, extendable internal storage, expandable RAM, and higher 5G band support that will future-proof your phone and give you the best experience.

Opting for one of the best phones under 30000, like the Oppo Reno 8, IQOO Neo 6, and Vivo T1 Pro, will ensure that your phone can give you the best return on investment and stay relevant for a longer time. Moreover, with financing support available through schemes like Bajaj Finserv, you can convert your purchase into smaller digestible installments.

There is a lot of excitement and buzz about 5G phones, and the upcoming festive season adds to the euphoria. So if you want to upgrade your phone, buying a new 5G phone could be the best decision. And with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network online store.

You don’t need to step out into crowded streets. The phone can be purchased with a few clicks and easy steps from your home. Add magic to this Diwali season by buying a new 5G mobile and unleashing the true power of 5G.

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