Altigreen & TVS 3 – Wheeler For Intra-city Transportation

Altigreen & TVS 3 wheeler

Whether it’s a passenger or cargo-carrying three-wheeler, TVS and Altigreen facilitate intra-city transportation. Both manufacturers offer not only conventional auto rickshaws but also electric-operated cargo models. Undoubtedly, Altigreen and TVS 3 wheeler models come with impressive wheelbases and maneuvering capabilities. Moreover, commercial vehicles from both manufacturers are available at an effective price range. Read the blog to learn about their features and pricing. 

TVS King Duramax Plus

The King Duramax Plus is a three-wheeler auto rickshaw, ideal for passenger conveyance. Also, its effective price range attracts potential customers for purchase. Also, with great engine capacity and torque, it manages good speed and impressive clutch control speed. This model delivers excellent mileage even in rural regions and easily glides through uneven roads. Moreover, its adequate fuel tank provides good driving performance. Additionally, its fully built body, the Semi Monocoque chassis, protects it from collisions and accidents. It is a great model for entrepreneurs and medium-scale businesses in rural areas. 

Altigreen NeEV Bhai

The Aligreen NeEV Bhai is a three-wheeler cargo having a good output motor for effective performance. It produces a maximum torque of 810 nm from its high-powered battery to deliver 50 kmph of superb speed. Also, its impressive battery capacity allows the cargo to charge fully within four hours. It ensures the Altigreen 3 wheeler delivers 130 Km/charge for better runaround time. Moreover, this model has an appropriate wheelbase to pass through narrow streets easily. Additionally, it features fog lights and a great navigation system for enhanced driving experience. This Altigreen cargo comes within an effective price range.

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