Things every photographer should know

Things every photographer should know while taking photographs

Photography is an art of capturing the image of anything in a unique and creative manner. It can be a fluke shot or a professional shot; one pic can make the photographer an overnight star. Here are some tricks and things every photographer should know for taking photographs. (more…)

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travel photographers

Safety Tips for Travel Photographers

Taking photos while traveling is an amazing opportunity but in a strange place with photography equipment, you can sometimes be asking for trouble as tourists are very easy targets for thieves and pickpockets. So, in this article, I’m sharing some safety tips which everyone must follow to keep yourself out of any trouble. (more…)

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Life of a Street Dog.

Dogs are known as the best friend of humans. And if you are in India you will find many street dogs which wander on streets. Even This time we in the mid of the city and we saw a dog standing in the road, and it looked like that it was looking for some food. (more…)

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golden temple images at night

Pics Of Golden Temple taken at night.

Golden temple is not only The Holy place for the Sikh's, but it is also considered as Holy by the other people. And every day many visitors come and visit this holy place to see this beautiful religious place and say their prayers. Even I have visited Golden Temple many times, but the below pics were taken when it was a late night, near about 12 AM. I clicked these photos with the help of my friend. Both of us visited the temple and Clicked these beautiful pics of the Golden Temple. I must mention that the Golden Temple has a different view in the morning and a different view in the night. And the light shining on the Golden Temple…

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Why Pixa Ocean is Providing Free Images?

Pixa Ocean is a website started by a small person named Robin Khokhar, with the help of his friends. He is already running a blog called Tricky Enough but has a dream to run an images website. The website where he can provide free images to the people. (more…)

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