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linux image editor

The Best linux image editor to use.

Linux is also an operating system like Windows, Apple etc. It is a free and open source software. However, most people think that it is not a great platform for photo editing compared to windows and apple. Let us discuss some of the image editing applications that use Linux as operating system and which are used by the users. And I have appeared up with a list of best Linux image editor for you. (more…)

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Best image editing apps for the Android

Are you looking for the best image editing apps for the Android? Are you not satisfied the current image editor of your Andriod phone? Then there are some image editing¬†apps for the Andriod which can help you to get the desired editing for your image. (more…)

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image editing apps for the Android

Things every photographer should know

Things every photographer should know while taking photographs

Photography is an art of capturing the image of anything in a unique and creative manner. It can be a fluke shot or a professional shot; one pic can make the photographer an overnight star. Here are some tricks and things every photographer should know for taking photographs. (more…)

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