golden temple images at night

Golden temple is not only The Holy place for the Sikh’s, but it is also considered as Holy by the other people. And every day many visitors come and visit this holy place to see this beautiful religious place and say their prayers.

Even I have visited Golden Temple many times, but the below pics were taken when it was a late night, near about 12 AM. I clicked these photos with the help of my friend. Both of us visited the temple and Clicked these beautiful pics of the Golden Temple.

I must mention that the Golden Temple has a different view in the morning and a different view in the night. And the light shining on the Golden Temple makes it more beautiful in the evening.

I have always found peace in the Golden Temple. 

We even there met a loving person who was selling handkerchiefs, we clicked some of his photos too. You can check his Photos.

golden temple images at night

golden temple



4 thoughts on “Pics Of Golden Temple taken at night.

  1. Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi Robin,
    Happy to to be here again via your facebook page.
    Good to know about the new initiative.
    Well captured pics.
    Is this mobile uploads or which camera you used to take these pics?
    Keep sharing.
    All Good Wishes.
    for #philipscom

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