Highly Advanced Tata & Mahindra CVs    For Enhanced Performance

Tata & Mahindra CVs

If you’re seeking advanced models for enhanced performance, consider Tata and Mahindra commercial vehicles. They offer reliability and durability for long-term performance. Also, their exceptional quality models serve cargo transportation in rural and urban areas. 

Moreover, Tata and Mahindra manufacturers use fuel-efficient engines for hurdle-free and effective work. But, it’s not the end, as they offer more exclusive features with a competitive price range. Read the blog to know. 

Mahindra Furio 17 Truck

The Mahindra Furio 17 is a powerful truck built with strong steel for longer durability. It is well-suited for intercity cargo transportation, helping businesses in growth and expansion. Also, it incorporates a high-tech engine for hurdle-free work. With 17000 kg of GVW, Furio 17 can handle 10341 kilograms of payload capacity. Moreover, the 5450 mm wheelbase promotes stabilized trips. In addition, its advanced engine has a 3500 CC capacity to deliver 138 HP output for quick speed. This Mahindra truck price range falls within Rs. 27.49 and Rs. 28.65 Lakh.

Tata Ultra 2821.T

The Tata Ultra 2821.T is a highly powerful truck, strongly built to navigate rugged terrain and uneven roads. It is a high-performing truck with high payload capacity from superior gross weight. Moreover, with its appealing body design and appropriate dimensions, this Tata truck catches every eye. In addition, a 350-litre fuel tank ensures uninterrupted trips. The price of this truck starts from Rs. 34.34 and goes up to Rs.38.34 Lakh. For more details about truck price, truck mileage, new truck price please be with us.

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