How To Choose The Perfect Carpet For Your Living Room

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Who doesn’t dream of owning a house! All of us do. For those who cannot buy a new house, they resolve to renovate their old houses. Do you know the magical rule of making a house your home? By the way you decorate it. You surely want to beautify the interiors of the house and make people go gaga over it. Little changes can bring a big difference in your house.

The flooring of a house interior can make or break the game. One of the eye-catching ways of making the floor attractive is to invest in a good carpet. Generally, the living room of almost all houses is the most crowded one. Since the footfall here is much more than in the other rooms, you want to ensure to have the best design and interior decoration here.

Is your living room smaller than the general size? Even if it is, worry not. A wonderful hack to make a small living room appear bigger and spacious is to install a suitable carpet in it.

Which is the best carpet for your living room? The kind of carpet you need depends on a variety of factors. Indeed, sometimes it can be challenging because of your lack of knowledge of carpets. To purchase the best carpet for your living room you can consult with the carpet fitters in London. However, this blog will tell you about the various factors you or to consider to buy the best carpet for your living room.

Factors to consider for living room carpet

Think of a weekend scene. You have called some friends for a small evening get together. All of you have gathered in the living room. In short, your living room office you the comfort to relax and chill together. Since most people in the family and friends circle gather in the living room, here, the flooring choice you make can bring all the difference. Again, if you have babies and toddlers at home, the kind of carpet you use in the living room matters.

Do you have no clue about the perfect carpeting for a living room? Well, the carpet suppliers in London are there to help. However, it is essential to figure out the factors that determine purchasing a carpet for a living room. Given below are the factors to consider while choosing a carpet for your living room.

1. Durability

What is that one thing you look for while making a purchase? It is durability. You want to know how long the product will last even after using it repeatedly. The same thing applies to purchasing carpets. The durability of a carpet depends on the kind of traffic it has to face regularly.

Always invest in a living room carpet that imparts a good warranty. For a quick test regarding the quality of the carpet, check its density. A low density of the carpet means it will not last long. The other factors to check the durability of the carpet include tuft twist and face weight.

2. Fiber options

The carpet fiber or the material with which it is made affects both the durability and the appearance of the carpet. In general, the carpets are made out of polyester, nylon, triextra, and olefin.

The nylon carpets are the most resilient and require a stain protector from time to time. These are the strongest yet the softest of all. On the other hand, polyester ones are stain-resistance and feel cushion-like under the feet. However, we recommend you not to invest in polyester carpets, especially if there’s heavy traffic in your house. The olefin carpets are cheap and resistant to mildew, staining, and fading. The triextra carpets are similar to the nylon ones. 

3. Ease of cleaning

In general, you spend most of the time in your living room. So, most accidents like coffee spills, and dirt stains happen in the living rooms. You certainly don’t want to see a dirty living room floor. One of the best ways of preventing such accidents is to install a carpet. Even if these spillages take place, the carpets will take care of it.

Here, you ought to consider two vital points:

  • You can wash the carpets by following proper instructions.
  • You should buy carpets that are easy to clean.

Always buy carpets that have the tag of a ‘no exclusion’ policy. This implies that these carpets offer full coverage of stain warranties.

4. Carpet construction

The way a carpet is constructed can make a huge difference. When it comes to the construction of carpets, you have to pay attention to two vital factors – the pile and style. Piles are of two types, cut and uncut. On one hand, the cut piles are plush, on the other hand, the uncut ones are looped. Some of the other trendy piles that create amazing patterns include cut and loop, loops of multiple heights, etc.

The cut pile styles offer the kind of look you want to create with a carpet. From smooth, to textured, shaggy, and twisted, all of them impart a rustic and natural look.

5. The softness of the fiber

Do you have children playing on the floor throughout the day? If your family members loiter a lot on the floor, purchase carpets that is manufactured with soft materials. Nowadays, to suit the needs of the customers, most carpet manufacturers have come up with a separate line of soft carpets.

The USP of these soft carpets is the presence of fine fibers, unlike the traditional ones. To achieve a degree of softness, you can consider adding carpet cushions beneath the carpets. With modern memory foam carpets, you can get both softness and durability.

6. Color selection

The shade of carpet you prefer is entirely dependent on your taste. However, make sure to choose carpets of color that complement your living room walls. Choosing carpets of lighter shades makes the room appear bigger and more spacious. Also, the neutral and earthy tones of carpets are never out of style.


If you are still in a dilemma, the service providers of commercial flooring in London are there to help you take the right decision. They are highly experienced and skilled enough to guide you in the best possible way.

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