Managing Your Finances: A Guide to the TJX Credit Card

Managing Your Finances A Guide to the TJX Credit Card

The leading retail chain TJX offers a wide range of products to shop for and offers its customers TJX reward cards that enable shoppers to save some bucks while shopping regularly in its stores.

If you are a regular shopper at TJX stores, then applying for a TJX credit card will be the best bet for you. But before you apply for a TJX Credit , it is good to understand the basics of it. Like any other credit card, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria and meet the credit score requirements.

However, the TJX credit card doesn’t need a high credit score or bank balance to apply for it.

To get an insight into tjx credit card, read the blog post. Let’s dive deeper into it.


Basics of TJX Credit Card


The leading retail chain in the USA TJMaxx is best known for offering branded clothes at a low price and possesses tons of brands to purchase. Besides the brand store, they have some other partner stores like Marshalls, Homegoods, and Sierra that offer numerous products for your daily requirements.

 TJMaxx Credit card also known as TJX Reward card, has been issued by Synchrony bank that facilitates users to earn rewards while shopping at TJMaxx stores and get 5% cash back in Rewards.


TJX Credit cards are of two types


  • TJX Reward Credit Card:     The tjmax credit card,  is exclusive to their stores and is used only in the  TJMaxx stores or its partner stores and can be used to purchased either online or in stores.


  • TJX Reward Platinum Master card: The TJX Platinum Master card is very beneficial for regular shoppers and can be used on all stores where a Master card is accepted.


How TJX Credit Card Works


For every penny, you spend on TJX stores, Homegoods, Marshall, or Sierra, you will get a point toward your reward and get five points on spending a single dollar on it. To avail of the benefits of your points, you will need to create an account with TJ Maxx and link it to your bank account. To earn rewards, you need to touch the purchase milestone. 

You will get rewards when purchase items from the TJ Maxx or its partner stores using your TJX Credit card. Once you have touched a score of 1000 points, you can start earning.

In addition, you will get a $10 reward certificate which is valid in all five affiliated stores of TJX.

However, these certificates have a validity of two years and you have to use them within the specified period. The rewards can be issued in fractions like $10, $20, and so on, and you can get a total amount of $390 as a reward to cash out. 

You can pay credit card bill online through pay my bill, and avail of its benefits seamlessly.


Suppose you are a TJX Platinum Master card holder. In that case, you will be invited for the upcoming exclusive shopping events either in stores or online that enable you to shop the exclusive items that other customers have not gotten access till now.


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