Terms of Service

The following the Legal agreement between you Pixaocean.com (website). The terms and services govern the access our website, images, and content.

The pictures and the other content that is available for download are under the Indian judiciary law from the Pixaocean internet site. The images Include photographs, vectors, illustrations, and drawings. And the Videos includes all the animations, films, and the footage of video or audio that are recorded in any format.

We can update or revise this agreement without the user notice, And by just agreeing to the website Terms and Conditions you agree to bound by our terms and conditions.

Using Images and Videos

The videos and the Images are free to be used. Once the pictures or the videos are uploaded Pixaocean has the copyright or the image owner has the copyright. For are free to use them for any commercial Purpose without giving any attribution to the author of the image or the website. But we will appreciate it if you like us back.

What are limitations:

  1. The images must not be used for the unlawful purpose, or in any pornographic website. You cannot use our images to endorse the products or any services given by a particular brand, organization or person, etc.
  2. As Pixaocean do not require images or videos to be shows identifiable person or people, we can’t guarantee that you will be able to use our images for fulfilling your purpose.
  3. Pixaocean does not provide the copyright or trademark for the third party images uploaded by the other authors on our website.
  4. You are not allowed to sell these images, anyone, either online or offline. If you are caught doing that you will be liable under the Indian Law of the judiciary.

Uploading Images

Anyone can upload the images or the videos to the website. And The Pixaocean will check if the images to good to be published or not. We do not accept any adult content or adult images.

By just uploading the images you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned. And this applies to the World Wide. Once your images are uploaded, that means you are granting permissions to use your images anywhere in the World, although terms will be applicable to them.

The person who uploads the images will be solely responsible for the images he or she is uploading.

And for your acknowledge that Pixaocean does not allow you to upload those images which Infringe on any of the copyright, trademark or any other related rights.

And by uploading the images, you accept that Pixaocean will not be held responsible for any abuse or misuse of the images.

We also have the right to remove any photograph or video at any time if it looks doesn’t meet our criteria like the poor quality image, or violation of any rights.


Pixaocean Comes under the common Creative license.


Your account will be terminated if you are caught doing any breach against the laws or the terms of the Pixaocean. You are caught doing that we can even terminate your account without any prior notice.

Indemnification for Breach of terms

By using our website, you are liable to the terms of Pixaocea.com. You agree that you agree to indemnify Pixaocean against any loss or damages. You also agree to identify that any claims brought by the third part will be harmless out of the use of the website.

Warranty and liability

The website and the content provided is as it is. We do not provide any warranty, explicit. The license or the agreement including without any implications. We only warranty Images or videos provided are free and can be used uninterruptedly.

Pixaocean will not be liable to any person or entity or the general, incidental or lost profits or any other damages.