The Benefits of Using Employee time Tracking Software for Businesses


Businesses in India and their infrastructure are continuously evolving. With that, the challenge of monitoring employees and handling the complex data also came into existence. Fortunately, using Employee Monitoring Software is the ultimate solution.

Using employee tracking applications provides many features, benefits, and solutions to take your employees’ focus, efficiency, productivity, and performance to the maximum levels. In this article, we will take you through all of these elements. We have a lot to cover. So let’s get straight into it.

What is Employee Tracking Software?

Employee project time tracking software is the application solution for Indian businesses to adopt a smooth workflow in the ever-changing work environment. The software comes with a plethora of features and functionalities ranging from employee monitoring and time tracking to productivity monitoring and measurement. These include:

  • Automated timesheets and task timers for focus improvement.

  • Real-time monitoring for managers and employers to track activities, and workflow, and make decisions on the spot.

  • Easy integrations to add more functionality and faster processing between commonly used tools.

  • The same dashboard for employees and managers to simplify management.

  • User-friendly interface for ease-of-access and use.

However, what are the benefits that Indian businesses will get from these features?

Benefits of Employee Tracking Software

Using good employee tracking software will ensure that you get all the necessary features to fulfill your requirements and objectives. Not only will you get performance enhancements, but also get these competitive advantages.

Productivity Boost

The features of real-time monitoring, automated timesheets, and task timers ensure that your employees’ focus is more on work than tracking the work hours itself. This leads to better work-time utilization, efficiency, and productivity.

Detects Employee Pain Points

Every employee has strengths and weaknesses. So, for the best performance, you need to ensure that these strengths increase and the weaknesses are eliminated. Using a good employee tracking application will give you insightful reports ensuring that you identify where your employees are lagging and why.

Enhances Project Management

Another benefit of using such tools is you get comprehensive features for better project management. These include ease-of-access in breaking down the projects into tasks, subtasks, and checklists (divide and conquer), and integration with project management tools for added functionality and collaboration.

Real-time Decision Making

We discussed a feature of employee tracking tools called real-time monitoring. This feature lets you get live updates on the work progress, allowing managers to make on-the-spot decisions if required including easily reallocating tasks and resources.

Prevent Insider Threats

There’s a feature, which lets you take timely screenshots for workflow and trend monitoring. However, this can also work as proof against insider threats in your organization. Furthermore, data security features prevent leaks and thefts.

Better Decision Making

Accurate reports from the software help managers make the best decisions based on performance metrics and work-time utilization records. Overall, this leads to more success and growth.

Automated Attendance Recording

The software automatically logs employee attendance with system login/logout. Furthermore, advanced tools also sync biometric and system attendance and calculate time deviation for accurate work-time utilization, which lets you know.

  • Employees who check-in early and go home late.

  • The top work-time utilizers.

  • Identify the employees who do vice versa of point 1.

  • Who is doing more time passes in your organization?

  • Manage your human resources better based on this information.

Better Work-Record Maintenance

Maintaining daily work records without the use of specialized software can be overwhelming. However, using employee tracking software, it becomes simple to maintain work records with dedicated timesheets.

Eliminates Unauthorized Access

Every user is individually registered in the software. Thus, anyone who tries to access company systems out of this list is deemed unauthorized. Plus, the automated attendance recording feature we discussed earlier also ensures that all access is legitimate.

Improves Remote Work Performance

The biggest issue for remote work employees is the lack of communication and collaboration due to varied time zones and locations. However, since employee work tracking software provides a single online platform and synchronized reporting, this problem is not a big deal.


Employee Time Tracking Software in India is the best solution for Indian businesses to adopt smooth workflow in the ever-changing work environment. The software offers a plethora of features including automated timesheets, which improve focus, efficiency, productivity, and performance. Furthermore, organizations can also easily track employee attendance and concerns to make the best decisions for effective project management, prevent insider threats and unauthorized access, maintain daily work records, improve remote work performance, and ultimately boost productivity. Looking for the best employee tracking software? We recommend DeskTrack.



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