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6 Disadvantages to Pay Someone to Write My Dissertation UK

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Dissertation writing is a full time and challenging milestone in students’ life which demands in-depth research, various analysis, and exceptional writing skills. It’s a task that requires substantial effort and dedication. With the pressure and complexity involved, some students consider hiring professional writers to complete their dissertations for them. However, while this approach may seem convenient, it comes with significant disadvantages.

In this article, we will discuss 6 disadvantages of paying someone to write your dissertation in the UK.

1.      Lack of Personal Development

Writing a dissertation offers an invaluable opportunity for personal growth and intellectual development. It allows students to enhance their research and analytical skills, critical thinking abilities, and academic writing proficiency. By outsourcing this crucial task, students miss out on the chance to develop these essential skills that are vital for their future academic and professional endeavors.

2.      Plagiarism and Ethical Concerns

When you pay someone to write your dissertation, you run the risk of plagiarism. Professional writers may use pre-existing materials or recycle content from other sources, compromising the originality and integrity of your work. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that can result in severe consequences, including expulsion from your institution. Additionally, there are ethical concerns related to submitting someone else’s work under your name, as it undermines the principles of honesty and integrity.

3.      Lack of Understanding and Knowledge

One of the primary goals of writing a dissertation is to demonstrate your understanding and mastery of the subject matter. By relying on someone else to write your dissertation, you miss the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and develop a comprehensive understanding of the research topic. This can be detrimental to your future academic pursuits or professional career, as you may lack the necessary expertise and knowledge in your field.

4.      Limited Control and Input

When you hire someone to write your dissertation, you relinquish control over the entire process. While they may follow your instructions, there is a possibility that their interpretation may not align with your expectations. This lack of control and direct involvement can lead to a dissertation that does not reflect your thoughts, ideas, or academic style. Additionally, it becomes challenging to make revisions or incorporate new insights that may arise during the writing process.

5.      Financial Implications

Paying someone to write your dissertation can be a costly endeavor, particularly for students on a tight budget. Professional writing services often charge significant fees for their assistance. Allocating a substantial amount of money for this purpose may strain your financial resources, especially if you are already facing the expenses associated with your education.

6.      Lack of Post-Completion Support

Completing a dissertation involves more than just the writing process. There may be revisions, feedback, or defense presentations that you need to address. When you hire someone to write your dissertation, they may not provide the necessary support and guidance during these subsequent stages. This can leave you feeling ill-prepared and unable to confidently defend your work or respond to questions from faculty members or examiners.


While paying someone to write your dissertation may seem like an appropriate and easy option, it is advisable to seek guidance from mentors, professors, or writing centers to enhance your research and writing skills while maintaining the integrity of your work. Embracing the challenges and responsibilities of writing a dissertation is essential for your academic growth and long-term success.



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