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Bed bugs are one of the most common species found in residential and commercial spots, and the multiple reasons for their occurrence make them one of the hottest topics in the study of insect ecosystems. Bed bugs killer methodology needs to be thought of considerably for a better chance. The specie’s fast reproduction cycle, measuring a bed bug’s ratio to a hundred eggs, on average, is undoubtedly astonishing. Studies have shown that the female bed bug has the potential of copulating a staggering 500 eggs in her lifetime! In this context, we will be discussing the various kinds of bed bugs, the threat they dispose to human life, and the protective measures to get rid of them at the earliest.

Various Kinds of Bed Bugs:

Cimex Lectularius is the type of bed bug that is most commonly found in global households and are known to be the premium human blood-sucker. The typical architecture of the specie is based on an oval shape, with a flat surface facilitating them to crawl across the beds and furniture set. The hue can be discovered as dark brown, and Cimex Lectularius are often matched to a flea, which is not the thing.

The tropical bed bugs that can bear warm and extremely hot temperatures in parts of Africa and South Asia are entitled to be ‘Cimex Hemipterus.’ The architecture is similar to that of the household beg bud, the exception being the high temperatures as the surviving element. Research has shown that the notion of Hemipterus dates back years and years ago, with the idea originating from the United States.

So far, the human blood-sucking ability has been covered. It may come as a surprise to many that there exists ‘Bat Bugs,’ which are associated with sucking the blood of a Bat. Bats are mammals that are a host to many parts of the United States. Bat bugs restrict themselves to caves rather than a common household. The main target is the bat wings, and the overall structure of a bat bug is homogeneous to a common bed bug. The mere exception is the presence of blackish-brown color. It should not be forgotten that the scientific name for bat bugs is ‘Cinemax Adjunctus’

Health Hazards:

The innumerable health hazards to human beings lead to negative perceptions about the species. The main aspects that support the paragraph are viral infection, sleep loss, and anxiety. Let us discuss these step by step in an articulate way.

The process of bed bugs targeting the human skin at night is an ultimate factor for viral infection. The skin itches enforce the individual to the extent that a noticeable wound appears. This wound paves the way for bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms to create a buildup in the wound, further intensifying the situation. Skin disorders are viral illnesses such as acne, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis that can put precious lives at risk. As far as the treatment is concerned, that comes at a huge cost and results in one’s loss.

Sleep deprivation is yet another crucial factor that cannot be avoided, either. The irregular sleep patterns and frequent awakenings during different phases make life miserable as hell. Sleep loss gives birth to a lack of productivity during working hours and a human being cannot reach the full potential, consequently. In a nutshell, bed bugs are a symbol of heat, rather than a pacifying element.

Last but not least, anxiety and depression levels touch their peak in a bug-enriching environment. The negativity all around, frequent itching, irregular sleep, and ultimately, the lack of utilitarianism increase stress levels and bind the person to shift towards negative things. Research has supported the consumption of tobacco consumption during this phase Furthermore, the family arguments and suicidal thoughts further spike the heat and create a lose-lose situation.

Combatting the Bed Bugs:

Tackling the bed bugs can be a challenging task, but it is not impossible for sure. The nature of the species needs to be understood clearly, and various strategies need to be adopted to overcome this catastrophe. Bed bugs can transfer from one place to another, be it the guests arriving at your home or your transfer to a new household. Either way, early detection, and immediate execution just set the tone for the eradication process.

The regular cleansing of bed sheets and other affected spots in high-temperature water can be considered a short-term goal, whereas in-depth fumigation of the affected room should be the go-to strategy for those who need permanent layoff. 


We reach an end here. Bed Bugs are categorized under different types and are a menace to human life. Nobody wants crawling insects dominating the residence, and neither does any want health loss at any stage. It is trivial to detect the buildups of bed bugs in the residence at the earliest for immediate action. Everyone deserves the right to breathe in a healthier environment, and targeting the root of the species would be your best bet.

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