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Catch up IPL Auction 2023 Date and Time

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For any season of the Indian Premier League to be successful, the IPL auction is the first step where the teams buy new players and create a team that is feared by others and this is why information about the IPL auction is very important for IPL fans. Now that the current IPL season has ended, fans are already eager to know about the dates and timings of the next auction in which their desired teams will buy new players and this is the main reason why we are giving you all the information that you need to know like ipl auction 2023 date

When Will IPL Auction 2023 Happen?

If you are wondering about the IPL auction date 2023 then, you will be happy to know that BCCI has already announced the dates of the auction in advance and the auction for the 2024 IPL season will happen in December and the exact date of the auction is 23. This means that there are now just six months after which you will be able to see the owners and management of the teams back in action buying the best players for their teams to create a perfect unit that can fight for the title. 

Just like all the other seasons, the IPL auction 2023 will also be hosted by the wonderful auctioneer Hugh Edmeades in Karnataka. There will be a lot of players who will be going under the hammer and every team will be aiming for some of the best players in the league however, out of the 991 players who will go under the hammer, only 70 or 80 will be chosen.

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