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Custom Shopping Carts to Match Your Tastes

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A custom shopping cart can give businesses the flexibility and control they need to perform better. It can also adapt as business needs change or grow.

Adding upselling and cross-selling options to your website’s shopping cart can help reduce cart abandonment rates. However, they should be used sparingly. Excessive amounts of upselling can annoy shoppers and drive them away.


A customizable cart gives your customers a unique shopping experience, encouraging them to complete their purchase and improve customer satisfaction. It also allows you to add features that help build trust and credibility for your brand, such as a security logo or a prominent “Guest Checkout” option, allowing shoppers to edit their data directly on the cart page. Additionally, integrating social media into the cart can make it easier for shoppers to share their purchases with friends and family, adding a social proof element to the shopping experience.

As more and more consumers use mobile devices for online shopping, it’s important to provide a mobile-optimized checkout experience. A customizable cart allows you to design a simplified mobile version of your checkout, which can help reduce friction and increase conversion rates on mobile devices.

Choosing the right ecommerce shopping cart software is crucial to your store’s success. It should support your business’s growth goals, be scalable and flexible enough to handle future expansion, and offer the best possible user experience. Look for a platform that allows you to customize recommendations based on customer behavior, integrate marketing tools like loyalty programs and order protection, improve ROAS with intent data from traffic URLs, and more. It should also support a variety of payment methods, including mobile payments, and allow you to track customer interactions on your site and in the cart.


A shopping cart is the heart of the purchase experience, whether it’s an ecommerce site cart, a wish list prepared on a mobile app, or a physical basket that sales associates fill for customers. Having one unified cart, managed in real time across all channels and paths, creates a strong sense of recognition and simplifies the customer journey by eliminating confusion about price or delivery conditions.

The most common cause of cart abandonment is hidden costs such as shipping fees and required complementary items, which can lead to frustration and buyers’ remorse. Displaying the total cost of a purchase throughout the cart and checkout process can help address this issue. A clear and transparent return policy also builds trust with customers and can encourage repeat purchases.

Providing multiple payment options can also reduce cart abandonment and improve conversions. This includes displaying both debit and credit card payments as well as digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Klarna. Additionally, allowing users to modify the amount in their cart can increase average order value by encouraging them to add additional products. Lastly, integrating recommendation widgets that suggest similar or recommended products based on their cart content can increase upselling opportunities and boost AOV.

Social media integration

The best shopping cart pages should make it easy for visitors to see their order summary and move forward with a purchase or checkout. This is essential for converting on-the-fence website users into customers.

Aside from displaying the items they’ve selected, cart page designs can also provide upselling and cross-selling opportunities by suggesting accessories that pair well with products or offering discounts or promotions based on customer behaviors or segments. These targeted messages create a sense of urgency that motivates visitors to buy now.

Depending on the platform merchants choose, social media integration on the shopping cart can be an effective marketing strategy that drives engagement and expands the brand’s reach. Social media login options, for example, allow customers to log in with their existing social accounts instead of re-entering payment and personal information or creating a new account.

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As a result, shoppers feel more comfortable with the purchasing process and may be more willing to complete their transaction. Adding social media share buttons can also increase brand visibility and encourage customer advocacy.


A smooth checkout process is crucial to reduce cart abandonment. Shopping cart pages that provide clear instructions and visibility of progress can help customers move through the purchase process without any surprises or confusion. This helps reduce cart abandonment rates while also ensuring customer satisfaction.

Shoppers often abandon carts when they discover additional costs like taxes, shipping fees, and other charges. By displaying these estimates clearly on the cart page, shoppers can make an informed decision about whether to continue their purchases. By providing these estimates, retailers can prevent cart abandonment while also enabling a smoother checkout process.

Creating a sense of urgency can also encourage on-the-fence buyers to complete their purchases. By displaying a countdown, shoppers can be reminded that a deal is about to expire. This can encourage shoppers to take action and increase conversions.

A smart cart can also be used to create a personalized experience for shoppers. Caper, Instacart’s latest smart shopping cart, automatically rings up groceries and provides tailored recommendations. It is currently being tested in two stores: the ShopRite of Spotswood, New Jersey, and Fairway Market located in Kips Bay, Manhattan.

With the right shopping cart solution, businesses can increase conversions and boost AOV. Using a customizable cart, businesses can tailor their shopping experience to match the unique needs and brand identity of each customer. These features can help businesses establish a solid customer base and build long-lasting relationships.

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