Easy Guide to Bike Engine Cleaning for Beginners

Easy Guide to Bike Engine Cleaning for Beginners

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You ride on various terrains with your bike. Your bike has to trek on rough, wet, hilly, uneven paths. All these do affect your engine. Without proper maintenance and oil changes, your engine may start to malfunction. So, you must maintain a proper bike engine cleaning routine.

Proper Accessories Make Cleaning Easy and Provide Comfort 

To clean your bike, you need the proper accessories. These accessories ensure that your bike is clean, prime, and proper and has a protective layer. The layer will protect the bike from grime and dust. Products like the bike wash clean off the dirt and restore the shine on the surface. 

Additionally, using accessories that make your ride comfortable is a good investment. Such accessories make the ride comfortable and protect you from injury and other natural elements. The products like helmets, balaclavas, gloves, riding boots, and gloves are some standard bike riding accessories you must have.

Supplies You Need for Bike Engine Cleaning

To properly carry out the process of bike engine cleaning, you need adequate accessories. As mentioned above, one of the products you need is the bike wash. Other accessories you also need sponges, microfiber cloths, and brushes with soft bristles. 

You would also need a degreaser, rubber seal protectant, and soap water. After you apply the product, let it sit for about 15-30 minutes. Wipe it off or wash it off with a pressure washer. 

Cleaning Oil off the Engine

You must clean off the excess oil for proper and thorough bike engine cleaning. Removing the oil is vital to ensure that your engine functions correctly. You can spray the oily parts of the engine with a cold cleaner. It cleans the oils and the gunk off the engine.

It is also essential to flush the old oil out after these methods. You must “flush” the engine approximately every 10,000 miles. It keeps the engine and prevents the oil from becoming corrosive. Otherwise, it can deplete the engine and cause malfunctions. 

The carbon in the old oils can come off and burn off and clog the lines. Therefore, it is essential to change the oil and clean the engine on a regular maintenance basis.

Cover the Sensitive Parts

For the bike engine cleaning, cover up the sensitive parts of the engine. Some parts of the engine are sensitive to water, so cover them before you start cleaning. If you can, you can also remove them. Such parts are the airbox and air filter. It would help if you covered up spark plugs, ignition coil, fuse box, and exhaust. 

Clean off the Grease

After riding miles with your bike, grease will accumulate in and around the engine. So, you must clean it as it can affect the engine’s efficiency. It affects the mileage and causes fuel drag. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the grease off the engine. 

Using the degreaser makes it easy to clean the engine. Please read the instruction before you start using it. For the degreaser product, apply it and leave it for at least 15 to 30 minutes. You can use this time to clean other bike parts or ensure the gears are all in order. 

After 15 to 30 minutes, remove the cleaner. You must spray it with a hose cleaner or with a spray cleaner on a medium or high-pressure level. 

Engine Flush and When Do You Need it?

Usually, as per experts, you go for an engine flush every time you change the engine oil. However, every time doing it may strip the metal surface of the lubricating coat can damage the engine. Always consider the bike mileage before you go for an engine flushing. The ideal parameter for an engine flush is 50,000 km before you use the engine flush additives. 

Engine Flush for Extreme Conditions

Excessive strain on the bike is dangerous. Riding it on dusty roads and extreme weather for long distances can make the engine suffer. The engine will have to endure high temperatures for a long time, and it can make it malfunction. Therefore, in the bike engine cleaning process, engine flushing can help. It can restore the engine to its normal condition. 

Change the engine oil filter to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris in the engine. If you do this, you might not need an engine flush. Go for an engine flush only if there is a sludge build-up. If you have a diesel engine, you can select an engine flush chemical specifically for the engine with diesel oil.

 End Note

The process will clean the engine and restore its former conditions. It will further lubricate the engine so you have a smooth ride. Also, it ensures that the bike is fuel-efficient. Always use premium and professional products for bike engine cleaning from

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