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How Does Gemstone Shape Affect Its Price?

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Every Fashion Jewelry has its special factors which make it more valuable and worthy. Similarly these days one of the best Fashion Jewelry trends worldwide is Gemstone Jewelry and they have a deep connection with their shapes. Their shape decides their quality and price. So today we are going to know everything about the relationship between the cost of a Gemstone Jewelry and its Shape.

How are the Price and Shape of Gemstones correlated?

Well as we know today everyone is running behind perfection and stunning looks. Similarly, Gemstone Jewelry also needs to be in perfect shape. Remember that Gemstone Jewelry is made up of a combination of these Raw Gemstones and Sterling Silver Jewelry. These Raw Gemstones have their specific cuts and shapes. The specific shape of a Gemstone is the symbol of its originality. Also during the process of Manufacturing Gemstone Jewelry, cutting is one of the most important and costly steps. So the more precision of cutting and shaping, the more the cost of making it. That’s why people find finely cut Gemstone Jewelry much more expensive than uneven pieces of it. Also, finely cut and properly shaped Gemstone Jewelry gives a different kind of impression of yours over others. That’s why the cost of Gemstone Jewelry is directly proportional to its shape and cut of it.

Now let’s discuss some of the best Gemstone Jewelry with their proper shapes and know more about them individually.

Gemstone Jewelry and Their Shapes!

Moonstone Jewelry – Today Moonstone has made itself popular in various forms like Moonstone Earrings, Moonstone Pendants, and Moonstone Rings as well. The reason behind this is that it has a very amazing White look which greatly resembles the beauty of a Moon. In terms of shape, moonstones are commonly cut into various cabochon shapes i.e. convex top surface with a slightly domed bottom. This shape enhances the stone’s beauty and makes the light make it glow even more. Moonstone is also very popular as Birthstone Jewelry as it has a cooling and calming effect on a person’s mind.

Amethyst Jewelry – Amethyst is an astonishing piece of Gemstone and has a very deep Violet color. It is a variety of quartz and is often cut into various shapes to enhance its beauty. It is available in different designs and shapes like Oval, Round, Rhomboid, etc. These are used for different occasions and purposes like Amethyst Earrings, Amethyst Rings and Amethyst Necklaces, etc. Remember that Amethyst is also a very special Chakra Jewelry and is associated with your Sacral Chakra and is responsible for spiritual enlightenment and happiness.

Opal Jewelry – Opal is a gemstone that is very much popular in the Women’s category in the form of Opal Ring, Opal Earrings, etc. Opal is a Gemstone that is famous for its round and convex shape bulging outside like a circle. Opal is the symbol of bringing calmness into one’s life. Opal is also a very stunning Fashion Jewelry as it gives a perfect look over traditional attires and professional Attires.

Turquoise Jewelry – Turquoise is another very important Gemstone Jewelry and is available in finely cut square shapes, Turquoise nuggets are irregularly shaped pieces of turquoise that retain their natural form. These nugget shapes retain their natural essence and bring the best look out of the Gemstone Jewelry. Today Turquoise Jewelry like Turquoise Earrings, Turquoise Pendants, and Turquoise Rings are preferred for auspicious occasions.

K2 Jasper Jewelry – K2 Jasper is a very spiritual Gemstone with a very stylish Grey color associated with it. Also, there’s the presence of Blue spots over it which makes it look even more impressive. It is a Stone that is famous for different shapes like Beads, Cabochons. Different shapes are suitable for different types of occasions which makes it a very suitable Gemstone Jewelry.K2 Jasper stones are often used for energy work, meditation, or as pocket stones. They are often used in making bracelets, necklaces, or other jewelry pieces.

Larimar Jewelry – Larimar is one of the most pretty pieces of Gemstone Jewelry which has a soft blue color. It often exhibits a unique marbled or swirled pattern, reminiscent of the ocean or a clear sky. Larimar Gemstone is the Birthstone Jewelry for the zodiac sign of Leo and Pisces and is supposed to make you feel more energetic and enthusiastic. It is popular as one of the selling Gemstone Rings in the men’s category as it gives a very stunning look to them.

Moldavite Jewelry – Moldavite Gemstone has one of the deepest intensities of colors which makes people look more powerful. Moldavite is a universal Gemstone Jewelry and works for all Zodiac signs. These Gemstones are one of the top picks in the form of Moldavite Earrings, Moldavite Pendants, and Moldavite Necklaces. Other than this it also becomes a good choice as a Chakra Jewelry. This helps a person to solve anger issues and lowers a person’s ego.

So this was all about different Gemstone Jewelry and the shapes associated with it. Remember that some Gemstones have their separate shapes and the precision will be the price of the Gemstone Jewelry. So always take care of the shape of the Gemstone Jewelry as it will decide the class and style of the Gemstone Jewelry. Also these days Sterling Silver Jewelry enhances the Beauty of the Gemstone Jewelry even more and makes people look more glamorous and fashionable. So wear these fashionable pieces of Gemstone Jewelry for the best of your looks. If you’re looking for a perfect fit Gemstone Jewelry for yourself and that too with top quality Gemstones, then visit Rananjay Exports for their incredible collections of Gemstone Jewelry. They are one of the leading Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers and can turn out to be the best option for you.

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