How to stimulate healthy habits & precautions in KG kids during summer break

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During summer breaks, it is essential for encouraging healthy habits among kindergarten kids. And this can be done with regular physical activity and nutritious meals which are necessary for their well-being and growth. Summer season is the best time to engage children in some activities during their vacations. 


Parents need to take the onus to guarantee the safety and welfare of their kids and encourage healthy. These come with better nutrition and some exercise tips for kindergarten kids’ in this humid season. Hence, today we are going to list down some of the precautionary measures to ward off unexpected incidents. 


Tips for stimulating healthy habits in kindergarten kids during the summer break


Increasing liquid intake


Summer is the scorching season when the body is bathed with sweat flowing which results in loss of sodium and water content from the body. This wipes off your energy and makes you dull. When adults and older people can’t bear the brunt of summer heat, can you imagine kids bearing it? Of course not. 


To make your child escape from harmful scorching rays of sun and heat, get a water bottle for him and tell him to have a maximum intake of water. But merely depending on the water is not sufficient. Hence, being a parent, you should incorporate other liquids like fruit juices, lemon water, buttermilk, and coconut water into his diet chart.


Protection of their sensitive skin


Unlike adults, the skin of the kids is very sensitive. Hence, it needs to be protected from sunburn. Purchase a sunscreen lotion and creams to keep their exposed body parts (hands and face) safe from the sun. But this too won’t be enough to protect them completely from harmful sun rays. 


So what else is left to protect your child? The answer is simple, the caps. You can buy a nice stylish cap that would work as headgear in preventing harmful sun rays on your child’s head. Adding one more suggestion is to make your child wear light clothes at the time when he ventures out for playtime. 


Encourage games that involve physical activity


Parents must make the best advantage of summer vacation for their kids. But during summers when it is hard to even move outside, how can one even allow their kids to go outside and play? But not engaging them in some physical activities will make them dull and lazy. And today in this fast-paced world, no parent is okay with it. 


Hence, they should encourage their child to do activities that involve physical movement. These include hopping, jumping with balls, or skipping. And now to answer your doubt of how is it possible under the scorching sun, these activities can be practised in the home. This way, your kids will develop motor skills. 


Healthy diet


Water and other necessary liquids alone do not complete the summer diet for your kid. You must add nutritional values which come from healthy eating that are essential to be taken during the whole day. When it is the question of your child’s health, then you have to incorporate vegetables, seasonal fruits, corn, and yogurt into his diet. Not only it will keep your child safe from the scorching summer heat, but will also make him fit and healthy. 


Avoid sending your child to play in this time frame


The most crucial time during summer vacation is between 11:30 am to 5:00 pm. This is when the rays of the sun are very sharp and hard-hitting. Hence, it is your responsibility to not let him venture outside during this time frame, or else he may soon fall into sudden dehydration which can worsen his health. 




So these are some of the tips and precautions that need to be followed during summer vacations for your kids. But there is one more thing that needs to be avoided. This is not letting your child stay in the car for a long duration. This is because during summers, the temperature changes unexpectedly, and your child cannot bear the sudden dehydration. Hence, it is advised not to let your child inside. Even the effect of AC facility in your car cannot withstand the summer heat. Check out the list of  platforms in India.

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