Maximize Productivity with LiuGong Wheeled Loader & Potain Crane in the Infra Industry

Maximize Productivity with LiuGong Wheeled Loader & Potain Crane in the Infra Industry

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The Infra industry, especially in India, has seen major advancements. Be it in R&D, technology or reckoning innovations, this industry has delivered its best. Now, accelerating this progress is heavy-duty equipment. For instance, cranes are engineered to undertake several tasks on-site. 

Lifting and movement of materials across distances, for example.

On the other hand, wheeled loaders facilitate lifting materials on a large scale. Additionally, this equipment type helps lift scraps, debris, and other materials. 

LiuGong 870H Wheeled Loader

This model, in particular, has taken infra-project success to new heights, thanks to its excellent features. To illustrate, this wheeled loader comes with a powerful engine of 180 HP. Such a tremendous power generation helps scale up work output by significant numbers. 

Additionally, with an operating weight of 21500 kg, this wheeled loader can easily undertake complex tasks with great ease.  

Further impressive is the machine’s bucket capacity of 4.2 cum. This functionality subsequently aids in the carriage of bulky materials in one go. Besides, the 431 mm of ground clearance capacity sustains & increases the mobility of the equipment.

Potain MCT85 Crane

This model is one of the best-selling crane models from Potain. To illustrate, the boom length of this crane ensures the lifting process is quite efficient. Additionally, this equipment’s ground contact pressure provides optimum operation mobility. Besides, this crane model’s decent turning radius facilitates wheels turning in compact space. 

Moreover, the 5-tonne lifting capacity aids in the carriage of heavy materials across distances. More importantly, the machine can reach a height of 208 meters. This tremendous reach further enlivens productivity by transporting materials to distant heights. Besides, this Potain crane is available at a price range of Rs. 34-36 Lakh in India.

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