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Mexico Solar Energy Market Size, Share, Growth, Price, Report 2023–2028

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The solar energy market in Mexico has witnessed remarkable growth, achieving an impressive volume of 2.43 GW in 2022. According to extensive market analysis and insights, the market is poised to continue its upward trajectory during the forecast period of 2023 to 2028, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.40%.

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Key Market Insights:

Favorable Solar Irradiance: Mexico’s geographical location provides an advantage for solar energy generation, as it receives abundant solar irradiance throughout the year, making it an ideal market for solar power projects.

Government Incentives: The Mexican government’s efforts to promote renewable energy, including solar, have led to the implementation of various incentives, subsidies, and supportive policies, fostering the growth of the solar energy market.

Energy Diversification: In pursuit of energy diversification and reducing dependency on fossil fuels, both the private and public sectors in Mexico have shown a keen interest in investing in solar energy projects.

Falling Solar PV Costs: The decreasing costs of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology have made solar energy more competitive, driving the adoption of solar power in various industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Grid Parity: Achieving grid parity, where solar energy becomes cost-competitive with traditional energy sources, has further accelerated the adoption of solar power in Mexico.

Market Segments:

Solar PV Installations: The solar energy market is primarily segmented based on solar PV installations, encompassing utility-scale solar farms, commercial rooftop installations, and residential solar systems.

Solar PV Components: The market also comprises segments based on solar PV components, including solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, and energy storage solutions.

End-User Applications: The solar energy market serves various end-user applications, including utilities, commercial and industrial sectors, residential consumers, and government projects.

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