Most commonly mispronounced English words

Most commonly mispronounced English words

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English is no doubt a popular language that is spoken all over the world and is the best medium to communicate with people of different countries and cultures. This is because it would be hard to understand the meaning of regional languages between two different nations. It will also be difficult in pronouncing the exact words spoken in a particular country. But little do we know that some words in English are mispronounced. We need to find out what are those words and how to pronounce them in the right manner. 


Most common mispronounced English words


Below are those words that are pronounced incorrectly. Let’s first begin with




The word ‘pronunciation’ itself is pronounced wrongly. You need to drop the ‘O’ from this word to make it correctly pronounce – pruh-nun-see-AYE-shun.




The next listed word is Wednesday, the day which comes between Monday to Friday. We often pronounce it with ‘D’ inside it. But actually, the correct way to pronounce it is Wenz-day. So from now if there is any specific task or day on this day, you have to say My birthday is coming on Wenz-day not Wednesday.




This popular fish food is favourite among non-vegetarians. But are you pronouncing it right? The answer is no. The correct way of saying this is SAH-mun. You have to omit ‘L’ while speaking it. 




Itinerary means when you plan a journey that includes the places you wish to pay a visit to. But do you have been pronouncing it as it-tin-ary? If yes, then time to say it correctly with ahy-tin-uh-rer-ee




We all have this item in our houses to keep our crockery items. But most of us pronounce it as a cupboard, which is not the right way to say it. The correct form is Kuh-bird. The ‘P’ alphabet is silent here. 



We all have come across this word, whenever some is launching taking place for the first time. Be it a product or a service, or a celebrity son/daughter making their launch with the first film. However, we all say it as de-but, when the correct form of pronunciation is dey-byoo




The one major part of the human body that indicates hunger. The one spot where your food goes into is also spelt wrongly by many of us. The right way to pronounce it is STU-muk




Chaos means a state of confusion and great disorder. Most people say it as cha-os when it should be Key-os




Yolk is the yellow part of the egg which is made for making omellete as a breakfast meal. It contains proteins, cholesterol, and lecithin. Coming to its appropriate pronunciation, it is spoken as Yohk. ‘L’ is silent here. 




The boutique can be explained as a minor shop that deals in fashionable accessories and 

clothes. It is often pronounced as Boh-teek, but the correct form is Boo-teek




The word women is the plural form of woman which means more than one in number. When it comes to pronouncing this word, then it must not sound like wuh-men, but WI-min.




Probably is the word that signifies certainty of a situation. But rather than saying it as proba-bly, the right way to say it is PROB-ub-blee




Mischievous is denoted to kids who are naughty and witty. Most of people pronounce it as Miss-CHEE-vee-us, which is wrong. The correct way to pronounce it is MISS-che-vus.




The library is the place where you can find an ocean of books of all genres, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, memoirs, documentaries, and so on. Everyone has the memory of his school libraries where you can sit quietly and read books of your choice. But are we yet to pronounce it correctly? Most of them don’t. But today let us tell you about the correct way of pronouncing. It is LYE-bruh-ree




So these are the mispronounced English words that we have been saying wrongly. But today in this blog, we have tried to help you with how to pronounce those words correctly. Mispronunciation is due to a lack of knowledge or less exposure to the English language. With the development in the digital world, educators have now benefitted from Certified Academy, an immersive online professional development program. The academy verification has also become the complete resource for verification training.

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