Safety Tips for Travel Photographers


Taking photos while traveling is an amazing opportunity but in a strange place with photography equipment, you can sometimes be asking for trouble as tourists are very easy targets for thieves and pickpockets. So, in this article, I’m sharing some safety tips which everyone must follow to keep yourself out of any trouble.

Travel With Insured Equipment

In an unknown place, there are chances that your equipment can be stolen or can be broken. So, make sure you have insured equipment with you.

Put Your Camera in Hand-Luggage

nIf you are traveling by plane, then you must carry your camera gear in your Hand-luggage so that you can avoid the risk of damaging your camera and equipment. But before putting this equipment in your carry bag, don’t forget to check the size and weight restrictions of the company because all airlines have different rules.

Don’t Go Alone

Going alone to an unknown place is not a good idea as you can be robbed very easily. And, if you are with your friend, he can watch your bag and equipment when you are framing up for a shot.

Learn the Local Laws and Basics of the Language Where you are traveling

You must have the knowledge of the laws of the place where you are traveling because sometimes there are some locations where you can’t take pictures and click in those areas can put you in trouble. Also, if you have some basic knowledge of their language, it will help you to take the pictures of the locals and of their artworks.

Backup Your Photos

Backing up photos is very necessary as anything can happen to your equipment. The best way to back-up is cloud storage. Just upload all our photographs to your registered account.

Carry Spare Memory Cards

Don’t take only one card with you as there are always some chances that anything can happen to your memory card. It can be stolen or can be damaged. So always have some spare memory cards with you

Click your Receipts

Always take pictures of your receipts so that you can easily find your expenses without any mess.

Use a Safe

Don’t take all your money with you. Keep some money in safe of the hotel room. And also, if you have lots of equipment, then you must place them in your safe so that you can go and take photos without worrying.

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