The Best linux image editor to use

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Linux is also an operating system like Windows, Apple etc. It is a free and open source software. However, most people think that it is not a great platform for photo editing compared to windows and apple. Let us discuss some of the image editing applications that use Linux as operating system and which are used by the users. And I have appeared up with a list of best Linux image editor for you.

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

\r\nIt is an open source application for photo editing with features like image composition, image authoring, photo retouching etc. It can be easily customized and varies from users to users like graphic designer, scientists, photographers etc.

1.  Raw Therapee

It is a popular application that is used by photographers who are working with raw images. They edit the photographs by cleaning the visual artifacts, colors, changing focus etc. It provides the feature of multi-threaded performance with the help of modern CPU to accelerate the image processing.

2. Pinta

It is one of the famous photo editing application which is similar to Windows Paint. It is called as Linux version of windows paint. It is used to do quick photo editing and allows users to get the required changes in the image.

3. DigiKam

Many photographers prefer to use the open source photo editors for the ease in its use and functionality. It has many features like facial recognition support, easy importing and exporting of different formats of the photos, tutorials of how to use it and many more.

4. Darktable

Some photos or images will look good in the negative shade. For converting of the images in color to black and white is not an easy task on the desktop. It needs a requirement of special photo editors to get it at the required color, features, sharpness, lightness and much more. Darktable is one such software that allows the users to get the desired images that are required by them and makes the images more attractive.

5. Best Image editors for Android

Therefore, these are some of the photo editing software that is supported by Linux operating system to make the users comfortable and get the anticipated image that is in the mind of the photographer.

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