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Walking Pneumonia Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

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The name walking pneumonia might confuse a lot of people. Some of them might try to establish a relationship between walking and the condition pneumonia. This can result in a number of incorrect assumptions regarding the condition: Walking pneumonia. In order to understand a health condition thoroughly, we must take a look at its notable symptoms.

So, to develop a thorough idea about the Walking pneumonia health condition, we must go through the walking pneumonia symptoms properly. This will help us in understanding the basic difference between the conditions- Pneumonia and Walking Pneumonia. Followed by that, we will be going through the actual cause of the walking pneumonia problem.

Then, we will understand how the condition of Walking pneumonia is correctly diagnosed by the healthcare providers. Finally, we will be looking at the different treatment options that are used for managing the illness- Walking Pneumonia. So, without wasting further time, let’s understand more about the walking pneumonia health condition.

Walking pneumonia symptoms list

Before looking at the symptoms list of the walking pneumonia health conditions, we must understand the basic difference between Pneumonia and Walking Pneumonia. We cannot say that the condition Walking Pneumonia is totally different from the Pneumonia condition that we are all aware of. In fact, walking pneumonia can be considered as a mild form of the usual Pneumonia condition.

We all are aware of the severity of the pneumonia condition. Now, in the case of the Walking pneumonia condition, the severity can be considered as very low. In this case, the patients will be able to walk around and follow their daily routine without facing any kind of illnesses. Thus, the walking pneumonia patients will not require much rest or hospitalization. Another popular name of this Walking Pneumonia illness is atypical pneumonia.

First symptoms of Walking Pneumonia illness

A lot of people often wonder about the feeling that the patient experiences when suffering from the condition walking pneumonia. It is appropriate to say that the people who are experiencing walking pneumonia illness will feel as if they are having a bad flu or common cold. Some of the prominent symptoms of this health issue are:

1. Fatigue or Extreme tiredness levels

2. Pharyngitis or Sore throat

3. Fever of low grade where the temperature will be less that 101 degrees Fahrenheit

4. Mild Chills

5. Headache

6. Chest pain

7. Sneezing

8. Cough

As we can see, the symptoms listed under this criteria are very much similar to the ones that we experience during flu or common cold. Hence, the patients who are actually suffering from the condition Walking pneumonia might feel that they are having a regular cold or flu.

Walking Pneumonia : Causes

We have listed the different walking pneumonia symptoms that are commonly observed among the patients. Now, it’s time to understand the causes of this health condition. When it comes to the walking pneumonia health problem, there are three main causes out there. These include :

A. Molds (fungi)

B. Viruses

C. Bacteria

We must understand that the walking pneumonia condition is extremely contagious, and can easily spread from one person to another. For instance, if a walking pneumonia patient stands beside you and talks, coughs, or sneezes, then tiny droplets containing the disease germs get released into the nearby air. When you breathe this air, the droplets containing the disease germs will enter your airways. This in turn will make you suffer from the condition of walking pneumonia.

It must be noted that the people suffering from the walking pneumonia illness will be contagious for around 2 – 4 weeks before the appearance of the initial symptoms. This is actually the incubation period, and during this time, you will not understand that you are ill and contagious. After this period, you will start experiencing the different walking pneumonia condition symptoms. You will be contagious until the symptoms of walking pneumonia totally disappear.

Walking Pneumonia : Diagnosis

The people who are curious to know the walking pneumonia symptoms might also want to find out about the diagnosis of this health condition. The walking pneumonia condition can be diagnosed correctly by your healthcare provider with the help of a physical examination and auscultation.

During the process of auscultation, the healthcare provider will listen to the sounds produced by your lungs with the assistance of a stethoscope. The diaphragm of the stethoscope will be pressed against the chest and back area to detect any unusual sounds that might be present.

If the healthcare provider feels that the patient is suffering from the condition : walking pneumonia, then they will ask the patient to get a chest X-ray done. In some cases, blood test or mucous sample test might be needed to confirm the walking pneumonia diagnosis. These tests will also help the healthcare provider to find out the actual cause of the walking pneumonia condition.

Walking Pneumonia : Treatment

Now that we know all about walking pneumonia symptoms, causes, and diagnosis, let’s take a look at the different treatment options that are employed in the case of the walking pneumonia health condition. As we have already stated, the walking pneumonia condition has different causes. The treatment used will depend on the actual cause of the patient’s walking pneumonia condition.

If the problem is induced by a bacteria, then the healthcare provider will put you on antibiotic therapy. Some of the common antibiotics used for walking pneumonia treatment include : Tetracyclines, Macrolide antibiotics, and Fluoroquinolones.

Sometimes, the walking pneumonia condition can be caused by a virus. Such cases cannot be treated using antibiotic therapy. In the case of virus induced walking pneumonia condition, you will have to let the disease run its course naturally.


We have taken a look at the walking pneumonia symptoms, causes, diagnosis & treatment. As we can see, the condition is quite manageable and the patients will regain their health within a few days time. To alleviate the symptoms, you can try drinking plenty of warm water. Taking hot showers will also offer you good relief from the symptoms of the walking pneumonia co

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