Ways to Improve Your Sports Photography

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What is sports photography?

The sports photographer bags the extreme lively moments of a sport. It’s a very ambitious field to get into, but if you are a sports enthusiast as well as a photography lover it might really be worth a shot. A sports photographer to take the best shot needs to have appropriate equipment, formulate a portfolio to perform a good sports photography job There are various ways in which you can improve your sports photography. So let’s start with.

Buying a digital camera

Don’t even think that a phone camera could compete with a professional camera for taking sports pictures. According to the experts and professionals a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. It could help to obtain stunning sport snaps. Changing the lens on a DSLR is easy and quite affordable. And another benefit of using a professional camera is that you will be worrying less about how many fps ( frames per second ) it could shoot, what actually matters is how good the quality of the shots you get due to the type of lenses used in the shoot. A DSLR camera could range from anywhere between 400$ to 3000$.

Get a mirrorless camera for obtaining professional level-shots

If an individual carries little involvement in photography and wishes to enhance, features like superior quality and great focus speed could be obtained with the help of a mirrorless digital camera a shutter lag could be jumped off as they are internally fitted with viewfinders whereas that is even smaller and compact than DSLRs

Purchase a lens with a wide eye (aperture)

Most of the new cameras are not packed with a lens kit that does not have a wide aperture to capture sports shots in the dark (night). So a photographer will be needing a lens that could take more light up to an extreme level. Also one should keep in mind that the aperture level should be low when the lens starts zooming.

Make sure to invest in a good photo lens

As we all know sports like football, cricket, rugby etc. are all shot from a good safe distance so to get proper action close-ups a pretty long telephoto lens is required to step in and finish the job which could be a 200 mm or might be a 300 mm. And just in case if more detailing along with depth is need of the hour then the photographer may go for a teleconverter.

Get Yourselves Multiple Memory Cards

Well, there is no second opinion about sticking to the main memory card as well as a memory card that could serve as a backup memory card in each camera bag that the person may be carrying. There may be a scenario where you may run out of space on the main memory card and you have some important snaps that you could not delete while the game which you are shooting is also important at the very same time. The ideal and the best choice for a professional photographer for choosing a memory card is that while buying the photographer should at least opt for 32 GB memory card which should come under class 10 or (Ultra High Speed) UHS-1.

Let the Monopod hold the Camera for you

Majority of the camera these days come with a stock lens and if the person gets an additional lens for superior quality sport shots then it becomes way more tricky and tough to carry the lens along with them wherever they move on the fields for stable shots, so going for a monopod is a good option that a professional photographer may opt to obtain stability and flexibility.

Before you get started, see the rules

Before shooting any sport an individual should have a proper understanding of what game he’s going to shoot, only then it is highly possible that you could get the best sport photo shots. Get used to the rules, the timing, and the players, again and again, the more familiar a photographer is the better he will be able to capture the game in his lens. This will get the photographer along with good sports shots, a judgment about which shots are more valuable.

Keeping an Eye on the Action

While you are in pursuit of superior shots and you have snagged some of them avoid looking at the LCD viewer of the camera, instead try clicking another great shot you may miss it while you are busy looking at what you just bagged in your camera, a great shot actually. Even a huge risk is born as the photographer to get the best results gets too close to the action. It\’s better to give it a look later on.

Why not try a different Angle?

Nobody wants to appear ordinary or want their snaps to be ordinary in comparison with others. Just to make it stand apart from the crowd, try to get the superior angle from lying down on the ground and shooting the players from there or to shoot the game from the place from where no one else does. This is the way a person may get superior quality professional sports pictures.

The burst mode

During a sporting event, things occur with the lightning fast speed and you may not prefer missing a good sports shot. A camera burst mode may enable the person to take multiple (4-5) shots all at once. But for that, you need to make sure that you have an ample amount of space available as the burst mode is known for getting the storages full quickly.

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