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What method is used to install a Shower Dispenser?

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Installing and using automatic shower dispensers has now become crucial in modern restrooms, especially commercial restrooms. This is true because the equipment supports and fosters a cleaner, safer environment for everyone who uses the restroom.

Additionally, this slows down the interchange of germs, which helps to stop the spread of germs and infections within the restroom. Additionally, it provides a regular amount of liquid hand soap, shampoo, or lotion, which aids in minimizing resource waste.

Installing a Shower Soap Dispenser: How to Do It?

Installing a high-quality shower dispenser is a fantastic way to complete your bathroom and is also practical for getting rid of those pesky last slivers of soap. But, many of you might be wondering how you can install it on your own, right? Well, you won’t need to hire an expert if you follow the given easy steps properly:

  • Choose The Location

Always keep in mind that it’s important to determine the location of the wall-mounted shower dispenser before making a purchase. Take into account everyone who uses it to make sure that kids and individuals with disabilities can readily access it. Consider the additional goods you might keep there and whether the new fixture will fit. Make sure it isn’t placed in a spot where you wouldn’t be able to restock the dispenser, like directly underneath a windowsill. Before buying a dispenser, assess the spaces to make sure they will accommodate the desired spot.

  • Draw Marks Carefully

Once you’ve chosen the location for the shower dispenser, start the project by marking where it will hang. To reach the rear of the panel that will be mounted to the wall, disassemble the fixture as directed by the manufacturer. Put the back panel against the wall after using the spirit level to make sure the dispenser is leveled. Mark the locations where screws will attach to the apparatus while the soap, shampoo, or lotion dispenser is in place.

  • Begin Drilling In The Wall

Make sure that the needle you use is the correct size because the wall-mounted dispenser should come with the necessary screws. Use masking tape on the drill location to prevent the drill from slipping around the tiles if you are drilling into it. Start this operation at a slow speed and gradually increase it as the bit starts to penetrate the tile to reduce the possibility of tile splits. This procedure is not necessary when drilling into a brick wall, although you can use raw plugs to hold the screws sturdier.

  • Place The Backside Of The Dispenser

When installing the screws to secure it, push the rear of the wall-mounted dispenser against the wall. You can either use a screwdriver or a drill machine for this. Moreover, you can use grip filler or masking tape to secure the dispenser’s backside if more sturdiness is needed. Use the pre-drilled holes on the dispenser’s rear alone, and make sure every screw is tightened. Keep in mind that the screws should be slightly protruding so that the back of the soap dispenser can slip into position.

  • Attach The Soap Dispenser

Once you are done attaching the backside, you can slot the remaining components of your soap dispenser onto the exposed screws. Always remember to do all this keeping the user manual in mind. Now, after putting everything in place, you are ready to use the shower dispenser.


The best thing about a shower dispenser is that it suffers from very little wear and tear. Moreover, this equipment is highly durable which further leads to an increased product lifespan. So, always purchase the best shower soap dispenser from a reliable provider at an affordable price and transform your bathroom!

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