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Why Doesn’t The Educational System Teach Life Skills?

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We all know and understand that education is the most paramount aspect of life. But aside from education, an individual must also know basic life skills to succeed in his/her life. Gaining education and knowledge is good, but you need to understand how you can provide assignment help services UK to other students and share your knowledge about diverse topics. Life skill is knowing how you can transform your knowledge into physical implementation. When a person just focuses on gaining knowledge and experimenting with that knowledge then, overtime they would lose their focus as well. It is paramount for teaching institutions to encourage their students to learn basic life skills. 


There are so many students who have been a part of prestigious schools but they do not know how to survive in today’s cut throat world. For example, if a student provides law assignment help UK services, they need to have the ability to have excellent communication skills as well as decision making skills in order to smoothly communicate with their potential clients. If they do not have command over their communication skills and they are not aware of their talent then, all of their hard work will go to waste. We all know how important it is for all of us to learn basic life skills, but we have no idea why our educational system does not focus on this matter. Here are some potential reasons why the educational system does not teach life skills.  


  • Grades come first 
  • It is not in the curriculum 
  • No guidance 
  • Lack of resources 
  • Teachers think it’s not their responsibility 

Grades Come First: 

For every educational institution, the most paramount thing is their grades. An institution will never compromise on the quality of their grades and they will always push their students to work hard in order to achieve good grades. But grades are not the only important thing. It is paramount for institutions to teach their students basic life skills. But sadly nowadays our educational system is only focusing on how to maintain their grades. They have no regard for life skills. 

It Is Not In The Curriculum: 

Every educational institution follows one thing very strongly and that is their curriculum. Every teacher that is a part of a reputed educational institution, they would have to follow their allotted curriculum with excellency. Educational institutions nowadays do not compromise with their curriculum, which is one of the reasons why they do not teach something outside of their curriculum. Even if it is teaching your students basic life skills, they would not keep their curriculum aside for anything. 

No Guidance: 

One of the main reasons why a teacher would not pursue teaching basic life skills is because they do not have proper guidance themselves. They do not know how they can start their session where they could teach students about life skills. A teacher’s training never consists of these activities. Their training is solely based on how they are supposed to follow the curriculum and teach their students. When a person does not know how to do something themselves, they would never be able to teach others. 

Lack Of Resources: 

Educational institutions thrive on funding and resources. Whatever funding they get, they would have to divide it equally to cover all the necessary aspects of their institution. Amidst all of this, educational institutions claim that they never get enough funding to practice life skills. They would firstly need to guide their teachers regarding this session and they would also need accessories and equipment that would help teachers conduct a session aout life skills. An institution would require resources to carry out their activities successfully. Which is why institutions avoid teaching life skills so they do not have to spend extra. 

Teachers Think It’s Not Their Responsibility: 

A teacher would have to deal with multiple things when they are teaching. They would have to make sure the students are understanding what they are saying, they need to make sure they are following the curriculum, they would have to work hard to satisfy the parents of their students, and they would be answerable in front of the administration if something goes wrong. In the middle of all of this, a teacher would have no time to think about teaching something extra to their students. Teachers avoid going in that direction and they stick to their initial responsibilities. 


These are some of the main reasons why students are unable to learn basic life skills from their educational institution. Learning about basic life skills like communication, creative thinking, decision making, and taking on challenges, these are some of the basic life skills that everyone needs to be aware of. The real world is not friendly, it is cut throat, and to survive in today’s world, you must know how to excel in these skills. An individual who is not aware of these skills and continues to live their life, they would probably have a hard time succeeding.

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