Pigeons on the Roof

Some of the clicks that I took near my home

The place where I live is a beautiful place and yesterday I went to take some photos near my home. I roamed about 5 kilometers near my home with the camera.

And you won’t believe what is found.

I Clicked some amazing photos and wanted to share those Images with you.

So, here are the clicked photos.

Dry Grass Wool Plant Brown Bushes Black Sparrow Running bird sparrow Sparrow near the water Pigeons on the Roof Plant with Thorn Fruit, thorn, thorns, plant with thorns Black Goat head Hay and the Pigeons hay A kind Of fruit A short from a distance A Puppy Bagula Coloured Heron

And here are some pictures of the flying eagles That I tried to take with my camera.

Some more clicks

please like and share these clicks if you liked it.

And take a look at :

Pics of Golden temple taken at night.

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